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So here at Web Design Okc YouTube , web design Okc YouTube, web design YouTube, YouTube Channel, YouTube, YouTube optimization, YouTube channel optimization, web design, SEO, SEO YouTube channel, YouTube channel SEO, SEO YouTube, YouTube SEO. Because our YouTube Channel or video page on information for the user and everyday tips and tricks for designing websites and SEO or search engine optimization.

Because tech for naturally increasing your sites online presence and branding. So our tech will show you just how to build or design a website from scratch. How to develop it light weight and make it run fast and responsive. Because the performance of your new website really matters. Web Design Okc thinks so and so does Google Doesn’t matter how pretty it looks us and everyone else. It only matters to Googles eyes or algorithms. So speed and performance do matter in the log run. This is just one aspect of the SEO and brand campaign. For more info on web design or blog is the best. Because our YouTube Channel will give great information on web development like out Web Design Okc Blog.

Web Design YouTube

So one of the aspects can and will be YouTube. Because YouTube is a very important part of the whole package including YouTube optimization and Web Design YouTube channel optimization. So you have to look at the whole picture but video can be a big part of the whole scheme of things. Because videos have to be branded and fully optimized in the YouTube channel itself. So each time you upload of your file you created has to be completely original content to upload to YouTube. Because it should always be original and content you own or have ownership of. Good quality cornerstone content that is original. Super important part of the giant puzzle.


So our team will be show you lots of new things on YouTube from building a website to creating new backups for you site. How to download all the files of your website and save them some where safe. So this is important why you say? Well most of the time the server is fine no problems. But once in a lifetime (maybe 2)Ha ha.

Servers Down

So the servers have bad issues and guess what? It DON”T matter how many sites you had. They could be all long gone and never to return. That is unless you pay dearly for premium backup service from the hosting. Or. Wala. There it is saved on your computer or the cloud and you stop sweating bullets’ about all the hard work you did build much less not just your one site but maybe or could be a 100 sites or 1000 sites or even way more than that. If the server goes then so do all the backups you have on cPanel. Check this out on YouTube.

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